Based in Sydney Australia, Jeff is a professional drummer and educator worth watching. Having played drums since age 11 after being told he wasn’t old enough to play the clarinet, Jeff has been annoying parents, friends and neighbours ever since.


Jeff has studied with both Australian and Internationally renowned drummers including Steve Hass, Dave Elitch, Benny Greb, Jeff Friedl, Michael Iveson, John Morrison, Jim Piesse, Dale Cleary, Pete Drummond amongst others.

While studying with Richard Miller (Sydney Symphony Orchestra) Jeff also competed in both the East Coast and National Brass Band Championships, with A Grade band Waratah Brass. He was awarded the National Under 19 Snare Drum Championship in 2002, in addition to winning the East Coast Open Age Division in 1999. 

He has also worked with artists and bands including St Leonards, The Khanz, Mabel, I Know Leopard, Garry Beers (INXS), Cosima DeVito (Australia Idol), Claire Clarke and Joel Sarakula, and has also performed on national TV networks Channel 7, 9 and SBS.

In 2009 Jeff joined Singer/Songwriter Shane Fritsch (Ellogram & The Robot) in the Band “St Leonards”. This led to travelling to Los Angeles to record their self titled release with Grammy winning produced John Wooler (Mike Oldfield, Robbin Ford, Siedah Garrett) and tour the US. The band subsequently worked with UK producer/engineer Steve Orchid (Travis, The Zombies). The band played a number of UK festivals and had tracks placed on “The Vampire Diaries” and “Beauty and the Beast”.

2013 saw Jeff join the band “Little Earthquake”, who toured the east coast extensively through 2014. 

Returning to Australia in 2013, Jeff has worked with a number of different acts, including currently holding down the drum chair in the Steve Edmonds band. He’s also worked with, Electronic bands “The Khanz” and “Left Syndicate”, filled in with Indie band “I Know Leopard”, and records and plays with as many different artists as possible.


One of his passion projects is running the “Deconstructed Drummer” Podcast

“There’s so many amazing drummers here in Australia, and while there’s a whole bunch of amazing podcasts coming out of the US and UK there was nothing local that was shining a spotlight on the talent we have here. I love to talk about music, but to dig in a little bit further than questions like “When did you first start playing?” Or “What kind of sticks do you use?”

Jeff has been a Paiste Cymbal artist since 2009.

“The first cymbal I ever hit when I was 14 that I really, really wanted to buy was a Paiste 2002 crash. They’ve always been on my radar, and I was thrilled to be able to come on board as an artist. They sound incredible, are amazingly durable and the consistency is absolutely unmatched.”

Jeff is a passionate teacher, with a focus on efficient technique and accelerated learning. For more information please click on the lessons page.