Celebrating Mistakes and Negative Self Talk

This is a pattern that I’ve noticed not only in myself, but in the students that I teach as well. It’s probably going to be fairly familiar for you as well.

When working on something new you’re going to make mistakes. Mistakes are useful. What I want to look at is how you respond to those mistakes? More than likely you’ll stop, say something along the lines of “crap” (usually it’s a less PG version) and then have a little jab at yourself mentally. Maybe you even play a little lick around the kit to remind yourself that you can still play. 

This is not useful. Not only does this get you frustrated with yourself, which then raises your stress levels, (detrimental to learning) but you also derail your focus and increase the amount of time that you take before you get back to the concept you’re working on. 

If it’s a given that mistakes are going to happen, then why give them more oxygen than they need? Why not try to just go “ok, that’s not it” and then jump straight back into the exercise? If you’re making a continuous group of errors then you probably need to slow it down some more. So don’t celebrate those mistakes, just glance at them and then do the exercise again!