Jeff Doukakis
Drums & Percussion

Educator, Drummer, Podcaster

I've been teaching for 18 years, and have been fortunate enough to study with some of the best educators in the world including Benny Greb, Dave Elitch, Pete Drummond, Jim Piesse, Steve Hass, Richard Miller and many more.

One of my big interests is efficient learning. So many people shoot themselves in the foot by not practicing in a way that gives them the most effective results. The drum industry is still the wild west in terms of teachers using current neuroscience research in their teaching methods, and thus meaning that student's are not improving at the rate that they could. This has quite substantially changed not only the way that I teach, but the way that I practice myself.

My focus on on body mechanics and efficient technique, and in helping my students at whatever age they are and how ever long they've been playing develop a framework of learning that can be applied to almost any other skill. I'm currently studying a bachelor of applied science in Sport and Exercise science at Sydney University, with an interest in applied anatomy related to drumming. Plus I also teach in a way that helps my student's develop the skills to be able to diagnose time and movement problems themselves, and eventually render myself obsolete!

Areas of speciality for me are efficient practice, learning frameworks, time and subdivision development, using protools and other DAW's as practice tools, mobility and post gig/practice maintenance, body mechanics and much more! I'm also a TRS Movement and Mobility specialist.

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